Certified halal, new tofu-based food made by a unique process ‘TOFU MEAT’

Yamaguchi-based TOFU MEAT Corporation took over a long-established local tofu manufacturer and developed a ground-breaking meat alternative, TOFU MEAT. It was certified Halal last year.Let's hear from President Hideo Murakami about how TOFU MEAT differs from standard soy meat and what it has to offer, along with the company's future prospects. (more…)

Halal nutritious drinkable ‘IV drip’ from quality Japanese rice goes overseas

OGATA VILLAGE AKITAKOMACHI RICE PRODUCERS CO., LTD. involved in rice production and processed products, has launched its highly nutritious and non-alcoholic drink "Fresh Rice Malt" to overseas markets. Made from ‘Kome Koji’ (rice malt) developed in Akita, one of the famous places in Japan for rice production, the drink is also known as "drinking IV drip" formulated with 16 different lactic acid bacteria. The drink is made according to the Islamic percepts and has obtained Halal certification from NAHA, a Japanese halal organisation with mutual accreditation with Malaysia’s JAKIM, Singapore's...

Kagawa & Hokkaido: Halal-certified seafood goods to advance into Muslim nations

Kagawa-based Yabu Suisan Co., Ltd. and Hokkaido-based Ikeshita Sangyo Co., Ltd. have acquired Halal certification from the Japan Halal Business Association (JHBA) for their manufacturing factories to export processed seafood products such as sushi items to the Islamic market.Click the link for more details. Also See:TOYAMA HALALFOOD GIFTBOX by Toyama firms to offer halal gifts

The best from Japan! Halal Aomori-made fruit juices coming to Malaysia, more Muslim nations

The Japanese processor/supplier of Aomori agricultural products, JA Aoren (The Farm Village Industry Federation of Aomori Prefectural Agricultural Cooperatives), will export new halal apple and peach juice products from January 2023 to the Muslim world, starting with Malaysia, followed by Thailand and Singapore. Did you know that the famous Japanese apple, Fuji Apples, comes from Aomori? Not only is Aomori the NO.1 apple-producing prefecture in Japan, but its apples also have one of the best quality in the world.JR Aoren has been advancing its initiatives, obtaining halal certification for its...

Rising global popularity, Japan soft drinks moving into Muslim countries

Japanese soft drinks are gaining popularity worldwide with exports increasing at a steady pace. This also includes exports of Halal-certified beverages to the Muslim countries, which are also on the rise. Among them, Marumatsu Co., Ltd., a Japanese citrus wholesaler, processor and distributor that obtained Halal certification last winter, has been receiving numerous calls from Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and the UAE. Marumatsu Co,. Ltd. was the first company in Japan to obtain Halal certification for more than 10 citrus juices and citrus jellies. With such movements, consumers...

Conducted Halal & Islamic market workshop in our company

Salam Groovy Japan operator J-Line consists of different divisions and teams involved in recruitment support, web marketing, e-commerce, regional promotion, and overseas project.We conducted an in-company workshop for the members outside of the overseas project team to learn the basics of Halal and the Islamic market to be prepared for future collaboration. (more…)