Shimane University’s ¥100 bento with halal meal to help struggling students

Shimane University (in Shimane, Japan) has started selling ‘one-coin’, cheap packed lunches (bento) for 100 yen (about USD0.78) to help its students who are struggling financially because of the Covid-19 disaster and the high cost of living.
Originally worth 500 yen, this ‘100-yen bento’ initiative also includes a selection of halal curry meals.

The bentos will be available in limited quantities at the Matsue and Izumo campuses until the end of February. Shimane university will continue to offer this kind of livelihood support according to the economic situation and the students’ circumstances.

With increasing foreigners (including Muslims) studying in Japan, you can see many Japanese universities making efforts to promote diversity and inclusion by providing services such as prayer spaces and halal or vegan meals.

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