Japan boasts world’s longest-living people & firms

Japanese people has a long life expectancy amongst the world.But did you know that Japan also have many businesses running for more than 100 years?

Islamic Media: The Halal Times Chief Editor Ahmed

A Pakistani Muslim living in Japan for 25 years, Ahmed.He now focuses on Islamic media management dealing with companies worldwide interested in branding and promoting themselves to Muslims. We had…

Halal-certified frozen & chilled warehouse, Nichirei Logistics Group, Kyokurei

In June, Nichirei Logistics Group announced that the Honmoku Distribution Centre of its corporate group Kyokurei attained Halal certification.The certification issued by Japan Halal Association and the certified warehouse is…

International Japan shopping service now with Bahasa Indonesia

ZenMarket, the Japanese shopping service for overseas consumers operated by ZenMarket Corporation, now supports Bahasa Indonesia.Indonesia has a fast-growing EC market, estimated to reach about USD 46 billion by 2025.

All halal-certified foods, Mr.HALAL food truck opens for franchising

Mr. Halal runs a food truck specialising in Chicken Over Rice.All ingredients used in the menus are halal-certified, ensuring Muslim customers can enjoy the food at ease.

Accessible to people abroad, Rich with novelty KABUKI

Kabuki is a traditional but ever-evolving form of folk theatre unique to Japan.With its exotic allure, here are some of the fun and intriguing aspects of Kabuki.

Halal-certified Premium Japanese Cosmetics to The World: Vy Krásný

Japan’s first brand to develop Halal-certified serum, Vy Krásný.We chat with Yumiko Nakano, President of Vy Krásný, the Japanese brand behind creating reliable and safe halal beauty products for your…

Birth of The Organic Halal Skincare from Japan

Plaisir launches VKSARA, a collection of organic Halal skincare items.It is a Japanese beauty range for all women, including Muslims.

How will robots rescue Japanese agriculture?

A Japanese company uses automated robots to enhance organic rice farming efficiency. How does it work?

How many do you know? Sushi Secrets

Sushi is a globally famous Japanese food. Discover some of its secrets that you may not be aware of.