Halal noodle business up for sale on M&A brokerage website

BATONZ, one of Japan’s largest comprehensive M&A support platforms, released and listed the divestment (business transfer) deal of a noodle manufacturing and distribution business in Saitama Prefecture.

The deal is for the handover of technology due to the absence of a successor.
Among the listed core strength, the company provides non-alcoholic and pork-free noodle production technology safe for Muslims. And it’s officially certified by a Halal certification body.

The suggested transfer price is JPY 35 million (USD 312709.25). The company’s disclosed financial status shows a turnover of approximately JPY 9.3 million (USD 83091.32) and an operating margin of approximately JPY 1.63 million (USD 14563.32) for FY09/2020.

For more information, please visit the BATONZ page below.
[M&A Deal] Divestment of Noodles Manufacturer & Distributer/BATONZ

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