Disney x Kyoto, New take on Japanese traditional craft

Supervised by Walt Disney Japan, Kyoto gives you Disney/Kyoto Traditional Design Series with items such as Kyo uchiwa fans and Kiyomizu ware.
Expressing a new artistic form of Kyoto’s traditional crafts.

Kyoto’s traditional industry has been innovating and inventing new things through its craftsmanship and culture for over a millennium. 
The Kyoto municipality and Shintsu Co., Ltd. released some of the “Disney/Kyoto Traditional Design Series” products at the MOCAD Online Shop operated by the Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design. The series consists of works produced by 14 companies specialising in Kyoto’s traditional crafts and design.

Check out some of the exquisite creations!

Kyo Uchiwa Fan/Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck
Uchiwa is a traditional Japanese fan. Kyo Uchiwa Fan (namely Kyoto Uchiwa Fan) nurtured by Kyoto’s history and culture. It’s a radial shape fan with many thin bamboo ribs aligned.

Kiyomizu Ware – Decorative Plate/Disney Princess 
Kiyomizu Ware are a type of Kyo ware (Kyoto ware), referred to as pottery made in the Gojo-zaka area leading towards Kiyomizudera Temple. 

Gold Leaf Clear File/Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh
Gold leaf (kinpaku) has been used in Japanese culture for its buildings and crafts. With the unique foil embossing used for sliding door paper of temples/shrines and Buddhist altars, the extra fine gold leaves give the file a distinct 3D effect and shine.

Mickey Mouse Hikita Obi 
An obi with Mickey Mouse in dyed Hikita pattern, outlined with gold leaf. Obi is a belt/sash worn with traditional Japanese clothes like kimono. Hikita is one of the dying techniques of Kyo Kanoko Shibori. It is said that there are over 100 shibori* techniques. 
*Shibori is one of the tie-dye techniques that create patterns by tying the textile before dyeing so that the tied-up parts remain white. 

Mickey Mouse Tea Box Set 
An elegant black lacquered tea box with a silhouette of Mickey Mouse painted in gold. Complete with tools used for the Japanese tea ceremony: tea whisk (chasen), tea container for the powdered green tea (natsume), tea scoop (chashaku), tea bowls (cups).
All you need is a teapot and green tea powder, and you’re all set!

Mickey/Minnie Mouse Japanese Parasol
Wagasa or Japanese umbrellas were first introduced to Japan from China in the early Heian period (794-1185). Traditionally made with bamboo, wood, lacquer and Japanese paper (washi).
Using a sophisticated technique of cutting, strapping and stitching, the designs expressed with handmade washi paper dyed in different colours.

Japanese Scented Incense/Disney Princess
5 scents inspired by the 5 Disney princesses. Aurora (Rose), Bell (Grapefruit), Ariel (Peppermint), Rapunzel (Violet) and Jasmine (Frankincense).

Framed candle (Fantasia)
The world’s famous Disney characters are hand-painted on traditional Japanese candles.

There are loads of other creations revealed. You can check them at MOCAD Online Shop (https://mocad-shop.com/).

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