Japan investor funds Indonesian EC service Sayurbox

Norinchukin Innovation Fund L.P. invested in Kulawarga Asia Pte. Ltd, a fresh food e-commerce platform “Sayurbox” in Indonesia.
What can we expect from this?

Indonesia is one of the world’s leading agricultural nations, with its rapid economic growth backed by abundant natural resources and workforce. However, the process of distribution of agricultural products is still facing many challenges due to the small scale dispersal of farmers and inexperience of agricultural cooperatives.

Sayurbox uses digital technology to improve the efficiency of food distribution by directly connecting producers and consumers. By reducing distribution costs, Sayurbox benefits both producers and consumers, while contributing to food loss reduction (one of Indonesia’s most serious issues).

Global Brain decided to invest in Kulawarga Asia because of its deep knowledge of food distribution, enthusiasm for improvement, and excellent technology-based products.

Through this investment, Global Brain will actively support Kulawarga Asia to further optimize food distribution and contribute to the development of the agricultural ecosystem in the country.

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