Japan’s sushi extra fresh! Deliver fish asleep

A Japanese company recently developed a method of shipping fish by putting them to sleep to supply even fresher catches.

Nikken Lease Kogyo’s patented “Gyokatsu-Box” puts fish to sleep using CO2-infused seawater. There are many advantages in delivering fish asleep, such as the following:

  • Freshness maintained as the fish are not dead, just asleep
  • More space for storage as fish are less active ( 3x more efficient than conventional shipping)
  • No risk of physical collision between fish
  • Fewer fish die from stress
  • Live fish can be sold at a higher price
  • Less food loss as fish are still alive until just before they are served as a meal

How the fish sleeps

How the fish wakes up

When you hear the word “Japan”, your top image will probably be the food culture of eating fresh raw fish—sushi and sashimi.
Japan is home to a beautiful and delicious raw fish cuisine that is quite a unique experience for the world.

Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides. As you may know, Japan has the SAMURAI Sword (Japanese sword), a sharp blade that is still in use today. It also has a culture of eating wasabi (Japanese horseradish), which has a sterilizing effect.
Most importantly, Japan has the world’s tightest hygiene controls and most punctual logistics network.

If you have a chance to travel to Japan after the pandemic is over, do try the delicious fish cuisines.

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