More halal curry and spices to be made, House Foods

The House Foods Group set to expand its production of Halal curry, wasabi and other spices. It’s a move made possible through the group’s Indonesian subsidiary with the necessary funding from Japanese government-affiliated financial institutions.

The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) announced a loan of up to USD900,000 to Java Agritech (JAT). JAT is the Indonesian subsidiary of Vox Trading, a daughter company of the House Foods Group. The loan includes a co-financing with Resona Bank for a total amount of USD1.5 million.

JBIC is a *policy-based financial institution wholly owned by the Japanese government. It entrusted with Japan’s foreign economic policy and energy security.
Regarding the loan deal, JBIC stated that “We will provide the necessary funds to JAT in Indonesia for its agro-processing business, involving wasabi and other spices. Also, its food manufacturing business, such as halal curry”.
*Policy-based financial institution (seisaku kinyuu kikan;政策金融機関): In Japan, refers to financial institutions established by the gov. as special entities by enacting specific laws to implement certain policies, such as economic development & stability of citizens’ lives, with most (or all) of their capital contributed by the government.

House Foods produces a wide range of home-use curry products, such as Java Curry, Vermont Curry, Kokumaro Curry and The Curry. In late 2015, House Foods became a consolidated subsidiary of Ichibanya Co., Ltd. It’s the company that runs Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (the world’s largest curry restaurant chain and a Guinness World Record holder).

House Foods’ curry products have outstanding recognition in Japan and expertise. With the production expanding to Indonesia, we hope that many Muslims can enjoy its products.

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