Japan’s Economy The Most Complex in The World

Business in Japan is very complex.
As you may know, Japan has many products and services. Most things you can imagine already exist in the Japanese market. However, Japan’s not a Muslim country, so there are very few products and services that meet the demands of Muslims….

Here’s an interesting ranking “Country & Product Complexity Rankings”, published annually since the 1990s by the Growth Lab of Harvard University in the USA. This ranking evaluates how many original, world-class products each country has.

Since the statistics began in 1995, Japan continuously held the top spot as the world’s most complex economy until 2018.
How about your country? If you’re curious, DO check it out.

Groovy Japan’s concept is “to be a bridge for Japanese companies to enter the Islamic market”. Japan is home to a blend of traditional culture and high-tech. We want to foster new values by connecting Japanese companies with the Muslim community.

Groovy Japan introduces Japanese products and services for the Islamic market in English and Japanese.
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