First Pokemon playground in Fukushima you can’t miss out

The first park in Japan with official Pokémon playground gear, Chansey Park, opened in Namie, Fukushima, in late 2021.

Chansey is the adorable pink Pokémon designated as the Pokémon ambassador of Fukushima Prefecture, as it said to bring happiness. In Japanese, Chansey is named ‘Lucky’ (ラッキー), which has the same meaning as ‘Fuku’ (福; luck) kanji for Fukushima.

The Pokémon Company has donated to four municipalities in the prefecture (Koriyama City, Yanaizu Town, Showa Village and Namie Town) with Chansey-designed playground equipment, selected by the Fukushima Support Pokémon. The other three parks will open one after another starting from spring 2022.

Fukushima Prefecture and the Pokemon Company signed a cooperation agreement aiming to revitalise Fukushima Prefecture. They are collaborating on a mystery-solving stamp rally throughout the prefecture, Pokémon GO, the prefecture’s speciality peach, and original Pokémon utility hole (manhole) covers as part of initiatives to attract visitors.

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