Japan builds its first 3D-printed house in just 23 hours

Serendix Inc, a 3D printed house specialist, unveiled the completed Sphere, the first 3D printed house in Japan.
The construction took 23 hours and 12 minutes, meeting their development target of completing the project within one day.

What are their aims in making the world’s cutting-edge housing ‘Sphere’ a reality:
(1) To create Sphere homes resistant to natural disasters.
(2) To realise future housing construction using robots (3D printers).
(iii)To demonstrate a future that incorporates the world’s cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies.

The Sphere is brought to life by a development consortium of more than 80 companies.
Geared towards demands for glamping, holiday homes and disaster recovery housing, it has a 10m² floor area. It is available on a limited pre-order for JPY3 million (≈about USD24K).
The company also has plans to demonstrate its reinforced seismic performance in the future.

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