Why did YOU come to Japan? My Neighbour Muslim in Tokyo

“My Neighbour Muslim in Tokyo” is an event to encourage people to interact with international Muslims living in Tokyo. About 500,000 international people are currently live in Tokyo, with about 20,000 estimated to be Muslim.

The event is FREE of charge. The venue will provide a Turkish box lunch, Turkish tea and sweets to allow participants to enjoy a casual chat.

My Neighbour Muslim in Tokyo Event Details
Date/Time: Saturday, 22 January 2022, 10:00 – 13:00
Venue: Meiji Gakuin University Shirokane Campus, University Building No. 2 B1F, Classroom 2101
Capacity: 70 people
Participation fee: Free
Apply by: Tuesday, 18 January 2022
Organised by: KMII (Indonesian Islamic Society Family), Chiba Islamic Cultural Center (CICC), Japan Da’wah Centre, Matsunami Professor’s Social Research Practical Seminar (Faculty of Sociology & Social Work of Meiji Gakuin University)

For more information, please visit the Chiba Islamic Culture Centre website below.
“My Neighbor Muslim in Tokyo” will be held! / NPO Chiba Islamic Culture Centre 

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