A new twist on traditional Japanese art: gold on glass

Yushima Art, a decorative paper maker, attempts crowdfunding with the theme of decorating different materials. Offering “Sunago Glass”–a glass decorated with sunago–as returning gifts.
It uses the sunago decorating technique fostered for fusuma* paintings.
*Fusuma is a traditional Japanese sliding door.

Yushima Art is a workshop producing and selling decorative paper (kashokushi 加飾紙), a traditional craft of decorating Japanese washi paper with gold/silver leaf dust inlays (sunago 砂子).
The technique involves repeatedly sprinkling and pressing down sunago to form a design. It can create gradations with shades of fine gold/silver leaves.

Together with Okunote, a planning and design company, Yushima Art has been exploring different materials for decoration. Thus, developing Sunago Glass, a glass with sunago decoration.
This allows a more flexible formation with finer gold leaves than the existing glass gildings.

Since 28 July, a crowdfunding campaign has been running on Makuake with “Sunago Glass” as the returning gift. Purchase applications are open until 18:00 on 29 September.

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