As your trip memento, Make your own Japanese gold leaf craft

Don't know what to do other than shopping and sightseeing in Japan? Well, why not try making your own beautiful Japanese gold leaf craft as a souvenir?! Recognized by UNESCO as a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, Kanazawa is a city in Ishikawa Prefecture that produces the most gold leaf throughout Japan. In fact, the gold leaf used to gild*1 Kyoto's Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) is also from this city. At Gold Leaf Sakuda, you can see how the gold leaf itself is produced and experience the gilding process...

Answer to win authentic goodies straight from Japan, Japan Muslim Guide Campaign

With Japan has fully reopened its borders to all international tourists since 11 October, Muslim Travelers' Guide by Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) is doing a special campaign that gives 5 lucky participants the chance to win some of the best, authentic merchandizes from Japan. This campaign is open to everyone all over the world until 30 November 2022. So make sure to enter now before the period ends! Also See:・Japan No.2 among non-Islamic countries, Provide info for Muslim tourists・What you need to visit Japan for all foreign tourists &...

What is Muslim Kakejiku? Japanese Hospitality via Traditional Crafts

I'm Yuichi Nomura, managing director of Art Nomura, a manufacturer of kakejiku—Japanese hanging scrolls. (a deputy representative of Kansai Association of Business Promotion for Muslim) We've been in business for 50 years and been working since 2010 to promote the intricate art of kakejiku (hanging scrolls)–a traditional Japanese craft–in Japan and abroad. I would love to share some of the activities we are undertaking to promote the beauty of hanging scrolls among Muslims.  (more…)