Gyomu Super gives free Halal food for refugees in Japan

Kobe Bussan, the operator of the Gyomu Super (supermarket) franchise, is providing food aid to the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR).

In Japan, a non-Muslim country, Halal food products are overwhelmingly minimal.
However, Gyomu Super is a famous supermarket among Muslims living in Japan and abroad.

Kobe Bussan imports around 1,400 items directly from about 45 countries according to its concept of ‘Authentic’ products worldwide. Among them, around 200 are Halal-certified items. This quantity is one of the highest in Japan’s food retail industry, and many Muslims shop there for their daily food needs.

The company has now donated free food to JAR, hoping to enhance its corporate value further by contributing to society.

<Food Aid Project Details>

  1. Donated food: Halal-certified food, frozen vegetables and other food directly imported from overseas.
  2. Recipient: Japan Association for Refugees (JAR)
  3. Donation Date: planned to do this four times a year, starting on 15 March 2022.

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