Vibrant Toyama ‘Spring Quartet’ is in full bloom

The Spring Quartet, a colourful landscape of (1) tulips, (2) rape blossoms, (3) snowy mountains and (4) cherry blossoms, is now at its best in the Funakawa River area of Funakawashin, Asahi, Toyama.

During the river improvement in 1957, 280 cherry blossom trees were planted along a 1.2km path on both riversides. Since then, the trees have been cherished and nurtured by the local community, allowing visitors to enjoy a breathtaking cherry blossom tunnel.

In its prime time, about 30 tulip farmers existed, but now there is only one farmer. The farmer selects and plants the very early-flowering tulip variety to match the flowering of cherry blossoms.

During the day, you can hear the lovely chirping of small birds that can’t wait for spring to arrive. By night, enjoy the fantastic night-time cherry blossoms over a bonfire.

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