World’s first Gashapon machine with 3D display, Gashapon Odyssey

Japanese capsule toys are popular with foreign tourists. It has a diverse lineup with various new products in close harmony with Japanese anime culture.

The top toymaker Bandai now has unveiled GASHAPON ODYSSEY, the world’s first Gashapon vending machine with 3D imaging display.

This capsule toy with advanced technology is part of the Gashapon 45th-anniversary project. It took four years of planning, costing over JPY100 million (≈USD820K) to produce the entire project.

It creates an immersive experience with the parallax effect of the large curved display and the circular handle (which resembles a ship’s rudder). This is like a ”Gashapon of the Future” that no one has ever seen before, where you can get the characters in the video as figurines.

First set of products available will be MATERIALS of the EARTH.
The story is about a space exploration ship that landed on Earth, discovering the five spirits forming the stars: Fire, Water, Air, Space and Earth.

Release date: Slated for 28 April 2022 (Thursday)
Price: JPY1,000/play (tax included; ≈USD8)

GASHAPON ODYSSEY is only available for a limited time in (1) Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and (2) Hakata, Fukuoka.

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