Eid Mubarak 2022

From all of us at Salam Groovy Japan, we sincerely wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all. May all of your deeds and efforts during Ramadan were accepted and blessed by Allah S.W.T.
We hope your Eid will be full of joy, blessing you and your loved ones with health, grace and all the gifts of Allah.

Here’s a little something from us for your Eid celebration. All of the products are halal-certified.

Product & Ingredient List

Rich Paitan White Soup Style Ramen

[Ingredients] Noodles: Wheat flour (domestic production), Salt/Lye water, Alginate ester
Soup: Salt, Powdered Soy Milk, Yeast extract, Garlic powder, Dextrin, Flavored cooking oil, Spices/Fragrance

Yukatan (custard chiffon)

[Ingredients] Chicken eggs (Hokkaido), milk (fresh milk [Hokkaido]), white sugar (sugar beet [Hokkaido]), wheat flour (wheat [Hokkaido]), cream (dairy products) (fresh milk [Hokkaido]), rice flour (Uruchi rice [Hokkaido]), (some containing wheat, eggs and dairy substances)

・How to Eat
Defrost slowly in the fridge for 6 hours before eating.
After defrosting, eat at room temperature the same day. Once defrosted, even if stored in the fridge, eat within 3 days.

Soy Milk Butter

Variation: Plain, Strawberry, Maple, Black Sesame
[Plain] Processed soybean [vegetable oil (palm, sunflower, shea butter) , soymilk cream, soymilk, soybean flour, salt], (some include soybeans)

[Strawberry] Processed soybean (vegetable oil, soy cream, soy milk, soy flour, salt), strawberry jam (sugar [mizuame, sugar], strawberry) / gelling agent (processed starch, polysaccharides thickener), acidifier, colouring (red yeast), calcium citrate, flavouring, (some include soybeans)

[Maple] Processed soybean (vegetable oil, soy cream, soy milk, soy flour, salt), maple sugar, (some include soybean)

[Black Sesame] Processed soybean (vegetable oil, soy cream, soy milk, soy flour, salt), black sesame seeds, (some include soybeans and sesame)

Freedom Ramen

From left: Seafood, Japanese curry, Spicy miso
Noodles: wheat flour, modified starch(INS 1420), palm oil, salt, sodium carbonate (INS500i), potassium carbonate (INS501i) / Seasoning: potato starch, potate granules, non-dairy creamer, salt, sugar, monosodium L-glutamate (INS621), turmeric powder, soya sauce powder, curry powder, fine silicon dioxide(INS551), chives, onion powder, chilli powder, disodium 5-ribonudeotides (INS635), caramel d (INS150d), chilli (capsicum)oleoresin, pepper powder / Garnish: dehydrated cabbage, corn, carrots, chives

[Allergens] wheat, soybeans

21 Multi Grains

[Ingredients] rolled barley, glutinous brown rice, hulless barley, glutinous millet, black soybeans (non-GM), soy beans (non-GM), corn (non-GM), sprouted brown rice, glutinous foxtail millet, red rice, red beans, amaranthus, quinoa, black sesame, black rice, white sesame, green skin brown rice, adlay, barnyard millet, glutinous barley, red sorghum

Multi Grains with Collagen

[Ingredients] hulless barley, barley, glutinous brown rice, glutinous millet, glutinous foxtail millet, black rice, corn(non-GM), black soybeans(non-GM), collagen peptide (gelatin), barnyard millet, glutinous barley, amaranthus, adlay, white sesame,green skin brown rice, red rice, black sesame

About Salam Groovy Japan

For those who don’t know us, Salam Groovy Japan is a Japanese media highlighting both Japanese companies engaged in halal and sustainability, as well as the fast-growing ASEAN Islamic market, mainly Malaysia and Indonesia, to contribute towards their growth.

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We hope you enjoy all the gifted food. Have a great Eid with your loved ones!
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