010. Ramen Honolu Spicy Ramen

NameRamen Honolu Spicy Ramen
DescriptionNoodles are made from 100% Hokkaido wheat flour. They use natural kansui (lye water) and no eggs, giving them the consistency of fresh noodles.
It is a halal-certified spicy ramen with halal meat and no alcohol.
Halal certificationObtained.
Certifying body: The Halal Certification Committee of Japan Islamic Trust
Validity period: 18 July 2022
IngredientsSoup: salt (made in Japan), sugar, powdered soy sauce, chili pepper, kimchi powder seasoning, onion powder, clam extract powder, sesame oil, garlic powder, flavor oil,
Peppercorn, yeast extract, green onion powder, ginger powder, kelp powder /
Modified starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), thickening polysaccharides, silicon dioxide, caramel pigments, acidulants, antioxidants (V.E), (some of which include wheat, soybeans, and sesame)
Noodles: wheat flour (domestic production), horse bell starch, salt, kansui
Best before18 July 2022
Preferred target audience(s)Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan (Muslims living in Japan, regardless of nationality)
Preferred social mediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok
Standard sales priceJPY 270

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