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Cross Border E-Commerce

Oct 9, 2020

Demand for high-quality, value-added Japanese products is increasing in the ASEAN market where population and economic growth are remarkable.

Groovy Japan wants to support manufacturers that produce products with distinctive features. If you are thinking of selling overseas, please contact us. We also accept test market and small-scale sales.

In ASEAN, unique EC shopping sites that are different from Japan widely used. Using Groovy Japan’s channel, expansion is possible to 4 countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

■Singapore, Malaysia: Take up consignment sales through Shopee’s channel, which has a high market share.

■Thailand, Vietnam: Develop sales through local affiliated companies. Especially in Thailand, major Japanese introduction channels are available. It’s advantageous in launching a powerful sales offensive.

Groovy Japan shopee
Groovy Japan : shopee singapore
Groovy Japan : shopee taiwan

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