For Bangladeshi Children! Euglena the new star of SDG

Do you know a microorganism that can be a nutritious food, a cosmetic and an environmentally friendly biofuel?
This “super microbe” is euglena that is commonly found in puddles, ponds and rice paddies.

euglena Co.,Ltd. is a Japanese deep tech venture company; succeeded in the world’s first mass cultivation of edible euglena outdoors in 2005.

The company’s president, Mr. Izumo visited Bangladesh in his university days. He was heartbroken to see the children living in poverty and suffering from malnutrition. When he returned to Japan, he researched ways to help them.
As a result, he came across euglena.

He has been donating more than 10 million servings of “euglena cookies”, which contain the nutrition needed by children in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a devoutly Muslim country. Donated cookies are, of course, halal-certified.

Euglena is a photosynthetic plant. But when you look at its tiny body (a mere 0.05mm in length) under a microscope, you can see it moves around like an insect. In other words, it has the characteristics of both a plant and an insect.

Characteristics of the euglena in summary are as follows.

  1. Has 59 different nutrients, suitable as a food source.
  2. Suitable for mass cultivation as cell division repeated at an amazing rate. It can be used continuously.
  3. CO2 amount absorbed during photosynthesis is about 80 times greater than that of paddy.
  4. Attracting worldwide attention as the next generation biofuel.

It is undergoing experimental use in bus, ferry and drone transport. Soon it will also be used in jet aircrafts.

The United Nations has set Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. All around the world is working towards achieving a decarbonized society.
euglena Co., Ltd.’s next generation biofuels are capturing the eyes of the world.

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