Plastic model that can actually catch fish?!

Japanese plastic models are also popular overseas.
Starting with “Gundam”, which sparked its popularity, many characters become plastic models, widely sold abroad.

A Tokyo-based town factory with over 40 years of experience making moulds for plastic model products has come up with “Lure Plamo”, which can actually catch fish. The crowdfunding project gained attention with nearly 6 times more funds collected than the target.

Sneak into Matsuki’s mould factory! [How model moulds are made]

What inspired its creation was the “playful spirit” of its fishing-loving staff.
You can enjoy the fun of assembling a plastic model, learning about the lure’s structure during the process. And once you understand it, you get the satisfaction of seeing how it changes when it swims, leading to catching fish. All this can be enjoyed through a single product. And word of mouth has spread through demonstrations at events and videos on YouTube.

Lure now as plastic model! Make your own lure with Lure Plamo that might actually work

With the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor activities in nature have become popular.
Products that are fun to make and use can be a great item to improve communication between parents and children.

According to the manufacturer, it will not be available for sale to the general public in Japan any time soon. So expect to see a lot of YouTube videos of its fishing action.

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