001. TOMO Chocolats Café Genshin

NameTOMO Chocolats Café Genshin
DescriptionChocolat Café Genshin is milk chocolate coated with Japanese kinako (soybean flour) dough. Sprinkled with fragrant Café Genshin powder (organic brown rice coffee, official supplier of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco).
All ingredients are from Japan and carefully selected, with brown sugar from Hateruma Island in Okinawa and Okinawan sea salt “Nuchi-Masu”. A new sensation of chocolate delight with an irresistible soft-chewy texture.
Halal certificationObtained.
Certifying body: NAHA (Nippon Asia Halal Association)
Validity period: 30 June 2022
IngredientsChocolate (vegetable oil and fat, sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa, lactose, cocoa paste) (made in Japan), kinako, sugar syrup, brown sugar (from Okinawa Prefecture), almonds, cocoa beans, buttermilk powder, roasted brown rice powder (made in Japan), salt/emulsifier, flavouring, (also contains soy, almonds and milk ingredients).
Best before21 December 2021
Preferred target audience(s)Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan (Muslims living in Japan, regardless of nationality), Singapore
Preferred social mediaFacebook, Instagram
Standard sales priceJPY 864

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