A New Exclusive Halal Food Truck at Kagawa University

Kagawa University and Kagawa University Co-op have collaborated in opening a HALAL FOOD only food truck.The university students and the university's coop have been working together to create menus for international students who are troubled and could only eat halal food.It is also to let Japanese people know more about halal food. We're sure there are many international students at other universities who can only eat halal food. Hopefully, similar initiatives will catch on! 【ハラル食限定のキッチンカーが明日プレオープンします!】 香川大学と香川大学生協のコラボにより、ハラル食限定のキッチンカーが3月9日(火)明日プレオープンします! ハラル食しか食べることのできない、困っている留学生のため、ま...香川大学さんの投稿 2021年3月7日日曜日