Halal-certified fish sausage on the way to Malaysia

Taiko Shoji’s Sanriku Foods is a dedicated fish sausage factory. It was the first domestic processed seafood product to be certified halal by JAKIM, a Malaysian government agency, in 2018. And the first to export its products to Malaysia in 2021.

Mr Machida, President of Taiko Shoji, said, “Malaysia is experiencing remarkable economic growth. Fish food is booming, but fish sausage has an expensive image in Malaysia. I think most of them have never eaten it before. So let’s get them to try it first,” hoping to raise awareness of the product in Malaysia.

The export to Malaysia was made possible by the Tohoku Economic Federation(TEF), providing support to its member company ABECHO and its group company Taiko Shoji. TEF has set out to expand exports of agricultural products under its “Five Post Covid Agenda”.

Export of fish sausages to Malaysia / Tohoku Economic Federation (in JAP)

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