International Business Solutions

In Japan, consumption demand is shrinking due to the depopulation by the declining birthrate and ageing population. In this situation, interest in ASEAN is rising more than ever. This thought to be due to multiple backgrounds like high economic and population growth, network infrastructure development, geopolitical conditions. ASEAN is attracting attention not only as a production base but also as a budding expansion from the consumption aspect. We have operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. For Japanese sellers, we support consignment sales in cross-border EC and trade deployment....

Area Promotion

The importance of regional revitalization due to declining and ageing population is being emphasized. Local authorities, companies, and shops are under pressure to deal with their survival. We have developed a regional portal site network "Areaers" to revitalize the region using IT. We have 50 areas combined in Japan and overseas. The experience accumulated through Areaers, the connections with people and companies is irreplaceable assets. Utilizing this valuable asset, we will fully provide personnel required for new business construction and resources for Web technologies.


We offer our customers a wide range of solutions. The positioning of Web strategy is becoming more crucial in all processes from corporate management strategy to branding and marketing. Today, maintaining products superiority is difficult, as there are false ones as soon as new products were released. Tactic other than conventional mass advertising would also be needed. We will review, rebuild our site according to customers' situations and promote sales. We can make inclusive proposals, including even personnel recruitment. We're also planning e-commerce development in Japan and overseas, which multifaceted...


As Japan facing a severe declining birthrate and ageing population, securing excellent human resources is challenging. We not only handle the recruiting media of national brands but also propose various solutions. We will provide total support to our customers, such as introducing excellent foreign personnel. Include proposal for personnel training and turnover control, planning and creation of a recruitment website.