Halal beef included, Crowdfund to save in-flight food

Gate Gourmet Japan (maker of in-flight meals) runs a crowdfunding campaign until 15 August to save beef in stock from food losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Halal beef and more are part of the return (gift) options.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) predicts that global demand for air travel will recover around 2024.
Gate Gourmet Japan initiated a crowdfunding project to prevent food stock from being disposed of, as frozen beef stocked pre-pandemic approaches its expiry date. And international flights requiring in-flight meals are unlikely to recover.

To save 2 tonnes of excessive beef from disposal caused by Covid-19

An optional halal-compliant return (gift) is available—Australian Prime Beef Short Ribs. It comes in a 1.5kg frozen pack of eight blocks, shipped by chilled delivery (frozen).

Crowdfunding (CAMPFIRE):
Save huge amount of beef meant for in-flight meals from disposal

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