World’s largest anime-manga outlet coming in Ikebukuro, March 2023

One of the largest store chains for anime-manga fans, ANIMATE, will be renovating its animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store towards the store’s 40th anniversary in spring 2023. Set to open in 16 March 2023, this Ikebukuro store may just be the world’s largest anime outlet yet.

With a total of 10 floors, it includes an expanded shopping area, a theatre, event facilities (for live performances, autograph sessions, etc.) and more. This outlet will offer a variety of experiences beyond shopping, satisfying all your five senses.

New Space Highlights

  • 9F: Two spaces for talk shows, autograph events, etc.
  • 8F: Exhibition space around the world of anime, manga, novels
  • 7F: Special pop-up shops with merchandise, panel displays, photo corners, etc. of your favourite anime, manga, artists, and so on
  • 4F: ‘Space A La Mode’ selling apparel, household goods
  • 1F: First-ever animate Café ‘Gratte’ in the Ikebukuro area
  • B2F: animate’s first theater

About animate

animate is a specialty store for anime, manga (Japanese comics) and games located in Japan and overseas, opening its first shop, animate Ikebukuro, in front of the Ikebukuro Sunshine City in March 1983.
The surrounding area there has become a popular gathering spot for anime and manga-loving women until it earned the nickname ‘Otome Road’. It is also popular among visitors in Japan and overseas.

About animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store

Opening date: 16 March 2023
Location: 1-20-7 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan
Website: https://www.animate.co.jp/ex/ikebukuro2023/
*The content may be changed, postponed or cancelled due to various reasons

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