Lots of entertainment! World’s biggest conveyor-belt sushi branch opens

On 31 March, leading Japanese conveyor-belt sushi chain: Kura Sushi opened the world’s largest conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, the Kura Sushi Skytree Oshiage Station store. It features newly developed attractions highlighting an enriched entertainment experience.

This branch has two floors with 277 seats. With an area of 834 m² (2.4 times more than regular branches), it takes its place as the world’s largest conveyor-belt sushi restaurant.

Some new attractions that children will enjoy include shooting games with digital technology and the giant ‘Bikkura Pong’ offering lucky draw prizes after five plates of food.

Another interesting point is that all the seats are semi-private, following the demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The branch is located right in front of Tokyo’s newest landmark, Tokyo Skytree Town, with a great view of the Skytree from the window.

This is not a halal-certified restaurant, so you have to bring your own halal soy sauce if you wish to visit here.
Once people can easily travel to Japan as before the pandemic, this will be a popular spot for many foreign tourists in the future.

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