Lawson uses AI to optimize receipt ads & apps, 12x boost

In March 2022, the convenience store chain LAWSON will start using membership data and AI to advertise on receipts and its own app.

Until now, LAWSON has been printing discount coupons and other items by deducting which customers are likely interested in targeted products. This is based on their purchase history, gender, age, and values of the membership data.

By adding “AI” to existing information, this new system will print receipts with advertising designs and catchphrases of the products that the customer would be MORE likely interested in.

Receipt design & Value traits issued in the experiment (Image Source: Lawson, Inc.)

A 2-week demonstration conducted in August 2021 showed that the purchase rate increased 12 times compared to the average purchase rate of all LAWSON club members. At that time, 200,000 people participated, with 3 designs available.

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