Boosting Halal Wagyu Producers by Crowdfunding, Until 28/3

Yakiniku Panga, where all menu items are halal and additive-free, is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to support high-quality Kagoshima Halal Kuroge Wagyu beef producers. The deadline is 28th March.

Yakiniku Panga is a restaurant offering all halal menus with the top quality of Japanese halal wagyu beef. Their top-quality Japanese halal wagyu beef is Kagoshima’s kuroge beef of the finest quality. Kagoshima’s kuroge beef won first place in the latest edition of the Wagyu Olympic, a national wagyu beef competition held once every five years.
*Wagyu beef means “Japanese beef” of any four breeds of purebred cattle. Kuroge (Japanese Black) is part of the four. 

Since people have to refrain from out-and-about due to Covid-19, wagyu beef is suffering a drop in consumption. Hence, Yakiniku Panga launched a crowdfunding campaign to aid those struggling halal wagyu producers in Kagoshima.

The returns (perk options) use A5-ranked–the highest grade of wagyu beef–from whole cattle. The options consist of top-quality parts: sirloin, chateaubriand, etc., and rare parts: skirt steak (harami) and Japanese Black’s tongue. Homemade jerky and raw hamburgers also available.
Options also include rock salt, spices and 100% additive-free special barbeque sauce made using tons of fruits.

The project is an All-in format, the funding deadline is 28th March, and shipping is in April.
*Please note that the tongue and skirt steak used in some options are from Australia. Refer to the details of each option for more information.

Groovy Japan also hopes that the production of high-quality Halal Wagyu beef will keep continuing.

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