Good to the palate, Nano-colloid silica mineral water certified Halal

Developing products and services utilising silica’s properties, Silica Techx Ube Co.,Ltd. has obtained Halal certification for its nanocolloid*1 silica*2 water products: Si-CORE, Si-era, Si-100 and Si-78, on 19 October 2022. The certification is issued by Japan Halal Foundation (JHF), an international-level Japanese certifying body with mutual recognitions from JAKIM (Malaysia) and MUIS (Singapore).

By the process of permeation through multiple hard rock layers from the deep water of Kirishima (a city in the Kyushu region), this mineral water is rich in the rare mineral elements ‘silica’ and ‘sulphate’.
This gave it a mild and easy-to-drink taste, without that typical lead smell and viscosity of hard water*2. It is made into nanocolloids using the company’s original natural brewing technology.

*1 Nanocolloid: parts of a stable liquid phase containing nano-sized particles.
*2 Silica: a compound with potential benefits such as preventing/reducing lifestyle-related diseases, helping weight loss through detoxification, and anti-ageing effects (e.g. supporting collagen production and boosting hair growth).
*3 Hard Water: water that has high mineral contents. Hard drinking water may have moderate health benefits.

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