5 Popular Halal/Muslim-friendly Food in Japan

When traveling, food is one of the basic needs we must have! But when in Japan, why not try Japanese local food? For Muslims, it may be quite challenging to find Halal/Muslim-friendly Japanese local food. But don’t worry, you are on the right page!

Here are my TOP 5 Recommended Halal/Muslim-friendly Japanese Local Food that you need to try (^_-)

  1. Yakiniku Panga, Tokyo

Yakiniku Panga is a Halal wagyu restaurant in Tokyo where you can enjoy top class wagyu beef at an affordable price! It has a great selection of wagyu beef, as well as a relaxing ambience with friendly staff members.
This store has another branch in Osaka, opened in 2020, so you can definitely get to try its delicious wagyu beef menus there too.

Address3 Chome-27-9 Taito, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0016
Opening HoursMon-Sat: 11:30am – 2:00pm / 5:00pm –11:00pm (L.O. 10pm)
Sun/Holiday: 5:00pm –10:00pm (L.O. 9pm)
Access3-min walk from Shin-Okachimachi Station (Exit A2) on Toei Oedo Line
10-min walk from Okachimachi Station on JR Yamanote Line
5-min walk from Masjid As-Salaam (Ueno Okachimachi Mosque)

  1. Yuzu Sawa no Chaya, Fukushima

Yuzu Sawa no Chaya is a restaurant located in Fukushima, where you can experience Japanese traditional cuisine with an old-traditional vibe. With its interior like the rustling indigo curtain and the fragrant wooden floor, you will feel like you’ve been transported back to the Edo era. It serves a great selection of Muslim-friendly menus you can try.

But before coming here, make sure you make a reservation first and request for a Muslim-friendly menu.

Address2-8 Yokozuka-Aza, Arai, Fukushima City 960-2156
Opening HoursMon-Sat: 11:00am – 4:00pm (L.O. 3:00pm) / 5:00pm – 9:00pm (L.O. 7pm)
Sun/Holiday: 11:00am – 9:00pm (L.O. 7pm)
*closed regularly on Wednesday
AccessGet off at Fukushima Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen, then continue by riding a bus or taxi.
The restaurant is next to SDF Shooting Training Site

  1. Unagi Arimoto, Aichi

Unagi Arimoto serves Aichi’s supreme Hitsumabushi, prepared with locally grown and high-quality eel complemented with rice. The eels are carefully selected and grilled over Binchotan charcoal by a well-trained professional chef.
You can enjoy the fertile taste of the eel, grilled with a not-overly-sweet light sauce, while maintaining the taste legacy of its first generation.

Address1-9 Hinookacho, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0834
Opening Hours11:30am – 1:30pm (L.O. 1:30pm) / 5:00pm – 9:00pm (L.O. 8:30pm)
*closed on Monday, 3rd Tuesday every month
Access[Subway] Kakuouzan or Ikeshita Station on the Nagoya City Subway Higashiyama Line
[City Bus] Nisshin-dori 5-chome (日進通5丁目) bus stop
Just around Nisshin-dori 4-chome intersection (with 3 parking spots)
WebsiteAichi Now (Category: Gourmet)

  1. Fukuzenji Soba, Gifu

The Fukuzenji Soba restaurant serves authentic, handmade soba noodles made using buckwheat flour sourced from the local Hida region. Aside from vegan menus, it has various options of Halal/Muslim-friendly menus as well. Definitely a must-try!

Address10-1 Furukawacho Ichinomachi, Hida-shi, Gifu 509-4234
Opening Hours10:30- ※Ends as soon as sold out
*closed on Tuesday
Access5-min walk from Hida-Furukawa Station
Prayer spaceIncluded
WebsiteJNTO Muslim Travelers’ Guide

  1. Nibo Ramen (DASHIRO Nibo), Miyagi

Nibo is known for its flavourful fish-based dashi* broths. Its high-quality house-made noodles, combined with its signature dashi, make for a flavorful bowl of ramen rich with umami. Designed specifically with Muslim customers in mind, this delicious halal ramen is made using carefully selected ingredients, which you can try yourself!

*dashi: Japanese soup stock/broth used in all kinds of Japanese foods like eggroll, ramen, etc.

Address4 Chome-9-1 Ichibancho, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi
Opening Hours11:00am – 12:00am
*closed on New Year’s holiday period
Access3-min walk from Kotodai-koen Station (Sendai Subway Namboku Line)
WebsiteVisit Miyagi

How many of the listed restaurants have you tried? Comment below!

Zunita Ramli, Writer & Managing Director, Zaineeta Global PLT.
Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne. She worked as a network engineer for a few years, then realized her passion in business and the beauty industry. Focusing on beauty lines, Tokyo Organic skincare (Made in Japan) offers halal skincare that only uses natural ingredients. She also likes to write articles, especially about Japan. Her articles has been featured many times in various websites, such as travel, life, and business.

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