University of Tsukuba’s halal cafeteria with daily specials

University of Tsukuba’s Open Day has launched a dedicated page to introduce university life. The halal-friendly cafeteria offers a selection of recommendations.
*Open day/open campus is an event where members of the public/prospective students may visit the university to take a look around.

University cafeterias are indispensable to an enjoyable university experience. The University of Tsukuba cafeteria, Café Marhaban, offers halal-friendly daily specials. All dishes are handmade.

Student support project “T-ACT” also featured a video review of student members participating in activities supporting foreign children attending Japanese schools.

Founded in 1872, the University of Tsukuba is one of Japan’s most prestigious national universities—home to three Nobel Prize winners. The university has been designated as “Super Global University” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

In October 2020, Ambassador Oka Hiroshi of the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia announced that the University of Tsukuba’s Malaysian campus to open in 2023 within the University Malaya.

Over the past few years, Malaysia has become a popular choice for Japanese university students to study abroad. Why Malaysia: 1) lower study expenses than Western universities, 2) availability of branch campus of Western universities. Studying abroad is also highly valued in job hunting.

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