Japanese sword technique & material to make knives

Chop away with Tamahagane Kitchen Knives created using the same materials and processes as Japanese swords (katana)—Tamahagane. A true blade of the modern age!

Tamahagane Kitchen Knives are supreme Japanese knives so sharp that “you won’t notice the cut”, allowing you to experience the world of Japanese swords. 
The knives by WISE・WISE incorporate two of the following:

Traditional Japanese Technique “TATARA” (たたら製鉄)
Tatara is an ancient Japanese iron making that thrived for about 1,400 years from the mountains of Okuizumo, Shimane Prefecture, blessed with abundant forest resources and high-quality iron sand.

A part of the Tatara process

Tamahagane (玉鋼)
In one process, iron sand and charcoal are put into the furnace and burned continuously for three days, thus forming a steel bloom (kera).
Among the steel bloom, the highest grade with the purest iron content was called “Tamahagane”. It is considered highly esteemed as a material for Japanese swords (katana).

Tamahagane & Senmaru Yanagiba Knife
■ Tamahagane Kitchen Knives Lineup (from the left)

A. WISE・WISE Custom Order-Tessen Tamahagane Petit Knife
An all-purpose kitchen knife for daily use at home. It is a limited-quantity product with patterns carved on the handle by woodworker Takashi Tomii.

B. Senmaru Yanagiba Knife (ebony)
It is a single-edged Yanagiba knife, traditionally used for slicing sashimi. But it can also use to fillet small to medium-sized fish and are often used for skinning fish.

C. Tamahagane Warikomi Santoku
A double-edged kitchen knife made at the Hinoura Cutlery Studio in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, a famous blade processing centre. Made of luxurious Japanese steel from its edge and base metal. Its handle features wild cherry blossoms patterns.

WISE・WISE Co., Ltd. offers kitchen knives made from Okuizumo Tatara and tamahagane and products from craft artists and workshops throughout Japan under the theme of “sustainable and ethical”.

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