International Halal Conference 2019 Osaka: Gaining Amazing Feedbacks

The International Halal Conference is an international conference held every two years by one of the largest private Islamic universities in Malaysia and a forum to present Islamic academic research papers.For the first time, the conference, which has been held in Malaysia and Turkey, will be held in Japan. Thus, we provide administrative support as requested by the university. (more…)

Matching Malaysian Company with Japanese Safety Shoe Manufacturer

We were requested to find Japanese safety shoes for a Malaysian car manufacturer, then matched them with Japanese safety shoe manufacturers.Due to changes in safety standards and increased safety awareness in Malaysia, our client wanted to import higher quality Japanese products. ■Subject・Although the safety shoes currently used by the client meet safety standards, they are heavy and fragile, making them less efficient.・Unclear whether Japanese-made safety shoes are of quality that meets the client's safety standards. They would like to find a company that meets the standards and is willing to...