TAKEX takes on SEA halal market, Bamboo sanitizer & shelf-life extender

A company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells sanitisers, food additives and more made from bamboo—TAKEX. While the products contain ethanol (a type of alcohol), they are certified as Halal by JAKIM. The company has been developing 'halal sanitisers' and 'halal shelf-life extenders' of Japanese quality (a leading nation in hygiene) in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets. (more…)

Crowdfunding to aid Muslims in need in Japan

Salam Groovy Japan-connecting Japanese business with the global Islamic market via a business perspective-has launched a crowdfunding campaign. To donate food and other necessities to Muslims in Japan, mainly students in need affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our business is a MEDIA operation providing information on Japanese companies engaged in the Muslim market, especially Halal products, through our official website and social media with over 60,000 Muslim followers.So just WHY did we set out to start this crowdfunding? It began when we donated Halal food by Japanese companies to the...