120 menus for Dubai Expo, Sushiro first halal challenge

The only Japanese restaurant chosen for the Expo 2020 Dubai, the revolving sushi restaurant SUSHIRO unveiled all 120 menu items planned for its Sushiroad by Banpaku restaurant. A limited release of the promotional video also comes out.

First Halal Menu Attempt: Bringing ‘Delicious Sushi’ to the World
The menu has 70 sushi, 20 side dishes, 10 desserts and 10 drinks, about the same amount and mix of foods as the standard SUSHIRO menu in Japan.

What’s more, to note is this is their first attempt at a Halal menu.
While most of SUSHIRO menu items used Halal ingredients, some did not. During the preparation process, they explored methods to replace such ingredients and seasonings with Halal ones. All the menus comply with Dubai Halal regulations, approved by the Dubai Expo Board of Trustees to recreate the taste of SUSHIRO.

Image Source: FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES Ltd.

From left to right:

  1. Tuna
  2. Shrimp avocado
  3. Tuna avocado roll
  4. Chicken broth salt ramen

Click this link to see the Sushiroad by Banpaku menu.

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