A suit for badminton? Aoyama Tailor Stretch Suit

Aoyama Tailor, Guinness World Record holder for the most suits sold, released a video of people playing badminton wearing suits.
Can a suit cope with the movements of badminton, a popular sport in Indonesia and Malaysia?

A famous freelance announcer in Japan—Elina Arai, collaborated with Aoyama Tailor and released a video on her YouTube channel. Watch as she attempts to play badminton in a suit!

In a standard suit, movement around the shoulders restricted, and the shirt can slip up when you bend over. Thus, making large motions difficult. Even when wearing a suit, you may find it hard to move around as you cycle to work, run or crouch.

You can see how the stretch suit from Aoyama Tailor worn by Arai in this video can handle intense movement.
The arms of the jacket lined with mesh for easy arm movement. It has anti-odour underarm pads on both sides to keep you dry when you sweat. Trousers have an elastic waistband that adjusts to your body movement. The elastic band is invisible from the outer view.
It is also washable-easy to wash at home. Of course, they also offer stretch suits for men.

In the video, you can see a heated match unfolding with the wearer moving so agile that it’s hard to believe she is wearing a suit. If it’s easy enough to play sports, it may be perfect in all kinds of business situations.
Aoyama Tailor suits come with various functions such as anti-odour, water-repellent, quick-drying, and shape-memory to support busy business persons in hot and humid Japan.

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