J-Line Corporation

Salam Groovy Japan’s operator, J-Line Corporation, developed its business in 4 areas since its establishment in 1993: Global Solutions, Regional Solutions, HR Solutions and Web Solutions.

To face up to the waves of a declining population, we are committed to finding solutions together with our clients.
And this is what we value the most.

■Global Solution

Japan’s declining population with low birth rates and an ageing society has led to falling consumer demand.
ASEAN is thus gaining more attention than ever before. Geopolitical conditions and multiple factors (e.g. high economic growth rates, population growth, network infrastructure, etc.) have contributed to this.
ASEAN is seen not only as a production base but also as a promising gateway for consumption.

We have a base in Malaysia, operating in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. For Japanese sellers, we can assist you in consignment sales via cross-border E-commerce and trading for business development.
Also, we provide sales channels and business matching services to help you develop your business in Japan.

We specialise in introducing foreign personnel to Japanese companies suffering from labour shortages. Providing cost-efficient solutions for creating websites with offshore development.

■Regional Solution

Local authorities, businesses and merchants in Japan are facing a crisis of survival. We developed “Areaers”, a network of regional portal sites to help revitalise rural areas using IT. It covers 50 regions within and outside Japan.

Our experience and ties with people/companies accumulated through Areaers are invaluable assets. With these, we can fully assist you in finding the right personnel for your new business and resources to develop your website.

■HR Solution

As Japan facing a severe declining birthrate and ageing population, securing excellent human resources is challenging.
We handle various recruitment agencies across Japan with all kinds of solutions.
Offering total assistance to our clients, including introducing talented international personnel from ASEAN countries. Proposals for personnel training and turnover control, designing website for career opportunities and more.

■WEB Solution

Web strategy is becoming a vital piece in all stages, from corporate administration to branding and marketing. Nowadays, maintaining an edge in products is difficult, as pseudo products emerge shortly after developing new ones. Strategies other than traditional mass advertising are now essential.

We can help boost sales by restructuring your website according to your needs. Comprehensive solutions, including personnel hiring, can be provided.

Our services are multifaceted; we develop Japan and international E-commerce projects.

Company NameJ-Line Corporation
CapitalJPY 10 million
FoundedDecember 1993
RepresentativeCEO Naoshige Nogami
Employees105 (incl. contract employees)
Board of DirectorsKouji Ikeda / HR Solution Department
Takamasa Konishi / WEB Content Department
Outside DirectorHiroki Nozawa / CPoint Corporation President
Key ClientsCPoint Corporation
DIP Corporation
Livesense Inc.
MyNavi Corporation
Persol Career Co., Ltd.
Recruit Career Co., Ltd.
Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd.
SB Human Capital Corp.
(in alphabetical order), etc.
ServicesHR Solution
Major Japanese Recruitment Media Agency
HR One-Stop Service System “Smart Jinji”
Career Opportunities Website Making Service “Saiyo.crew”
WEB Marketing
WEB Creation/Company, Job Recruitment, EC Website
WEB Promotion
WEB Operational Control
WEB Content
Nail Online Shop “Groovy Nail”
Media for the Islamic Market “Groovy Japan”
Regional Promotion
Community-based Portal Network “Areaers”
Tokyo’s Tama Blog Portal “Tamariba”
Osaka Blog Portal “Osakazine”
Kyoto Blog Portal “Kyo2”
International Staff Employment
Charged Employment Placement 27-ユ-301855
Global Business Support
Business Assistant/Attendant
Outsourced Marketing

Malaysian Subsidiary

The Malaysian base of J-Line Corporation (the operator of Salam Groovy Japan).
Providing support for business development in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Malaysia & Indonesia
Supporting all kinds of business, including the Islamic market.
We liaise with Halal-related public entities and conduct market research. And undertake offshore development with low labour costs in Indonesia.

Thailand & Vietnam
With our partners, we provide multifaceted services such as market research, inbound operations, sales channel development, internet promotion and offshore development.
For Thailand, we provide bi-directional business support between Japan and Thailand.
We can promote your business on a major social media platform with numerous Thai followers interested in Japan.

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