Ride an ice merry-go-round, To be a new winter fun in this Hokkaido village

Want to try something new other than skiing or snowboarding in winter? How about a spin on the Ice Carousel in Hokkaido?!
A village in Hokkaido, Nakatsunai, is testing its new Ice Carousel (Ice Merry-Go-Round) on a frozen dam lake, aiming to turn this into a sightseeing spot.

Inspired by the ‘Ice Merry-go-round’ in Finland, this ‘Ice Carousel’ is an interesting winter activity, which people ride on a rotating carousel carved out of ice with a diameter of about 10m, on a frozen lake. While on the rotating ice, participants took photos of the lake and mountain scenery or just lay down to enjoy the view.

Next time you’re in Japan, make sure to try out the Ice Carousel!

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