How Amazing To Chop Wood With A Knife

I’m Iman, Groovy Japan’s Malaysian staff.

I found a pretty neat product in a Japanese crowdfunding site.
It’s a 3 in 1 camp knife that can SLICE, SHAVE (carve) and CUT OFF.

Most knives I’ve used or seen, usually used to slice fruits or vegetables.
Some also used to carve fruits or wood.
But, this knife can chop off wood!

In Malaysia, there are many events or camps (for motivation, bonding or educational purposes) organized by schools, university’s student bodies and other educational institutions.
Some even have jungle trekking or camping experiences.

When I was in Malaysia prepping to study in Japan, I participated in a motivation camp. There was a corner for solving clues which each team had to use a compass to get to the checkpoints.
One of them was in a forest (not that deep) for cooking time.
They gave us the basic necessities to cook a whole chicken. But without a portable stove.
We had to make a fire, prep the chicken and everything by ourselves.
It would have been convenient to have a camp knife like this one.

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