In Indonesian, Ex-Liga Indonesia’s Matsunaga Promotes Shizuoka

Shohei Matsunaga, a pro football league player in Indonesia, stars in the Shizuoka Tourism promo video for Indonesia. It shows sightseeing in Shizuoka Prefecture with its Mt. Fuji and a portal site to find halal food and mosque/musolla.

Shizuoka Prefecture produced a tourism video to promote Shizuoka Prefecture to the people of Indonesia. West Java, Indonesia and Shizuoka Prefecture signed an MoU in 2017 to promote cooperation in human resource development and economic fields.

The video features Shohei Matsunaga, who played in the Indonesian professional football league for about nine years.
Matsunaga introduces–in Indonesian–a portal site for searching halal food and prayer spaces “Halal Portal”, Shizuoka Prefecture’s bond with West Java, tourist attractions and more.

Also, it features information on infection countermeasure at accommodation facilities alike, promoting safe and secure tourism in Shizuoka Prefecture in readiness for the resumption of international traffic.

The appearance of Indonesian famous-Matsunaga will likely trigger the interest of many Indonesians towards Japan.

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