“Islamic Shopping district” Shin-Okubo multinational area

Shin Okubo is a cozy little neighborhood located within Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward and is easily accessible as one of the stops on the Yamanote train loop. And it is well known for its extensive Korean community. Mainly popular among Tokyoites for its Korean foods, K-pop. But now you will see that it is a

Shin-Okubo is a cozy little neighbourhood?in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, easily accessible as one of the stops on the Yamanote Line. It is also known for its large Korean community. It is popular for Korean food and K-pop, mainly among Tokyoites. But now you can see that it is a multinational city. It is a place where people from Southeast Asia and South Asia come and go and enjoy various cultures and foods. Cross Okubo Dori and turn north at the corner of Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and you are in the heart of the Shin-Okubo multinational area. This corner is commonly called “Islamic alley”.

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