Post-Covid: Japan targets 60 million foreign tourists

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has set out its main policies for FY2021, announcing the contents.
The target for 2030 is 60 million foreign visitors to Japan and JPY15 trillion spending by foreign visitors in Japan.
What are the concrete measures to achieve its target?

The press release indicates that they will actively engage in initiatives both domestically and internationally to achieve this goal. They will also keep a close eye on the trends in immigration regulations of each country while strengthening their online operations.

For overseas travellers, a new page has been established in multiple languages to provide information to dispel concerns about travelling to Japan post-COVID. Also, emergency procedures will announce using pictograms for foreign travellers.

Another unique initiative reflecting the Corona crisis is the dissemination of local tourism information through e-commerce (online shopping), involving the sale of local products.
While JNTO will act as the main guide, it has also shown its stance to contribute to the tourism industry through organic connections, such as cooperating with local governments and operators.

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