White egg-yolk, Japanese branded egg Kometsuya®

Eggs are a vital part of Japanese people’s diet. While eggs are available worldwide, they need strict hygiene controls to be safe to eat raw or half-cooked. Japan is one of few countries with such standards.

Japan’s per capita consumption is one of the world’s highest. And the country has over 1,000 types of branded eggs.
One of them is the Takeuchi poultry farm in Hokkaido, which produces and sells brand-name eggs with white yolks, called “Kometsuya®”.

The farm feeds the hens that lay these eggs with pigment-free feed. That is why the yolk has a clear lemon-yellow colour in its raw state. When you cook with these eggs, they turn a bright white on heating.

Try to compare them with the eggs you have in your house. And you can see how different it is in the colour of the yolk. Just look at that lovely white colour.

On this poultry farm, the chickens eat the following food portions to produce Kometsuya®.
・68% rice grown in Hokkaido
・15% fish caught in Hokkaido’s ocean
・8.8% raw rice bran
・8.0% scallop shells from Lake Saroma, Hokkaido
・0.2% salt, vitamins, lactic acid bacteria and other beneficial bacteria

Of course, an animal’s body is composed entirely of the food it eats. If we eat good food, we will have a fit body. The same applies to chicken eggs. Delicious eggs are the result of quality feeding.

Many Japanese people believe that the darker the yolk, the better the egg. However, there has never been any scientific support for this.

When analyzed by a machine with human-like taste sensors, Kometsuya® proved to be a flavourful egg with an exquisite sweetness and umami taste.

In the last few years, Japanese eggs became popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, with exports going up. Hopefully, someday they will be available in your country too.

Would you like to try this wonder egg with a white yolk?
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