Labour-saving commercial dishwasher with half the staff

Image (from left): ①Remove Lid→②Soaking→③Turn/Separate→④Wash→⑤Sorting

Full-line commercial kitchen equipment maker NAKANISHI MFG. has demonstrated an innovative cleaning system at the 1st Foodtech Japan Osaka. It cuts dishwashing tasks by half, designed for central kitchens and restaurant operators. 

The demonstrated Labour-saving Dishwashing System (省人化食器洗浄システム) only requires you to place the dishes on its tray at the entry (IN). The system automatically executes the entire work process, from lid removal to washing, sorting and storing.

Let’s see the improved areas they did in this system sequence.

  1. Automated lid removal by robots
    It automatically removes the lids of dishware using vacuum suction. As the robot can handle dishes of different heights, it can remove the lids of multiple dishwares on the tray entirely in a single movement. It saves labour and is hygienic since the system can remove lids without human help.
  2. Soaking leftovers without a soaking tank
    It can soak leftover food on dishwares while the dishware is still on the tray. Removing the soaking tank helps control the rising temperature and humidity indoors.
  3. Automatic turn/separate of dishware and trays
    It automatically separates the tray and turns the dishware upside down. Thus, this reduces workload and occupational risk of accidents by saving time and effort on this previously most burdensome task.
  4. Automated sorting of dishware by types after washing
    A camera detects the type of dishwares after washing, then the robot automatically sorts and stacks them.

Hiring staff is challenging as Japan faces a declining birthrate-ageing population and environmental changes post-Covid-19, and so on. So, this system provides substantial labour savings, enabling cost reductions and improved working conditions.

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