How To Speak Manglish By Japan’s Universities

I’m Okuma, the editor-in-chief of Groovy Japan-a media platform connecting Japanese industry with the Islamic market via a business perspective.

Groovy Japan editorial team is constantly researching information to share with you HERE; I came across an intriguing project involving the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (a university I visited on several occasions).

The UN Academic Impact banner on the TUFS campus (2017)

A Malaysian English Conversation Module

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) and Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) jointly developed the Malaysian English Conversation Module. It’s available for free.
There are many translation and interpretation tools for English, including Google Translate. But it is fascinating to see a further subdivision of “English”, focusing on “Malaysian English (Manglish)”.

English is indeed slightly different from country and region, so having a localized tool could be handy.
For those interested in expanding into Malaysia—where Muslim makes up 60% of the population—or if you employ a Malaysian staff, this module may help you learn it, ensuring smoother communication.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) as its official language.
English regarded as a semi-official language, but not all Malaysians speak it.
In higher education and business, in particular, English would be used as a lingua franca.

Groovy Japan also has a Muslim staff from Malaysia, who is trilingual in Malay, English and Japanese as she also graduated from a Japanese university. She acts as an interpreter for us when we have meetings and cover stories with international people.

Halal Skincare: Tokyo Organic, A word with Zunita

During an interview with a fellow Malaysian, it was impressive to see how they talked in both English and Malay in the conversation.

English seems to be sufficient for doing business with Malaysians, so you may find this “Malaysian English Conversation Module” helpful. Give it a try!

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Module (Malaysian English Conversation)
Kanda University of International Studies Module (Malaysian English)

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