Shibuya Crossing is the world’s ‘wildest’ intersection

Shibuya Scramble Crossing or Shibuya Crossing is often mentioned by foreigners as a must-visit spot in Tokyo.

The Shibuya Station area has 8 train lines owned by 4 companies, including JR, subways and private railways. This makes it the second-largest terminal in Japan after Shinjuku Station, with up to 3 million passengers per day.

Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic, the US-based CNN described the Shibuya Crossing as “The World’s Wildest Intersection” where “over 1,000 people cross at a time, making it the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world”.
According to the ad agency, more than three million people use the crossing in a week. That is over 400,000 people per day passing through this intersection.

A large-scale development plan involving all five blocks around Shibuya Station is underway, anticipating further revitalisation by providing a safe, secure, convenient and comfortable area.

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