A Mosque in Shibuya—Tokyo Camii Holds a “Faith & Attire” Lecture

A special public cultural lecture will take place at Tokyo Camii on 27 March.
The speaker will be Yo Nonaka, an associate professor at Keio University who has been studying Muslims coexistence in Japan.
It will be in Japanese with the theme of “Faith and Attire”.

Tokyo Camii is Japan’s largest mosque located in Shibuya. It is an Islamic worship place under the jurisdiction of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.

March’s special public cultural lecture—”Faith and Attire”.
Groovy Japan was also intrigued by this fascinating lecture, as it looks at faith from an appearance/fashion perspective.




Tokyo Camii – Tokyo Mosque – 東京ジャーミイさんの投稿 2021年3月9日火曜日

The mosque are accepting donations for Iftar and the maintenance of its facilities on the Tokyo Camii website.
Donation Request of Tokyo Camii

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